Science clubs are a means of getting outside the classroom and interacting with the natural environment. These interactions can be beneficial to the community and the students. Science club in MIIRPS, formed under the expertise of experienced Science teachers, are based on a combination of experimentation and philantrophy which make learning a real life experience that leaves positive impressions on students. Various activities related to Science improve the skills of questioning, enquiry, critical thinking and analyzing facts in students. Aptitude tests for students who are interested in Science are given regularly. Field trips are organized to planetariums, space centres, industries, botanical gardens etc. The school conducts a Science exhibition every year and the students are given opportunity to use their knowledge of Scientific laws to invent something and exhibit. A Science corner functions in the school and the students are kept abreast of all the happenings in the Science world.


As a part of nature club activity the students started the first phase of development by planting saplings in the school campus. They planted more than 50 different types and kinds of saplings around the campus. With the intension of taking students back to grandmother's remedies and to the wonders of ayurvedic-herbal medicines. We started the herbal garden to promote conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants which are becoming rare and endangered. On the basis of growing commercialization of land, situation that expanding urbanization and the consequent booming construction leads to the vanishing of hillocks and paddy fields. With reference to all these factors we collected all the related information, photos and made a report which was sent to Mathrubhumi seed and got consolation prize. Also Nature club presented a commendable thought provoking program which portrays virtual, elegance,


To inculcate patriotism, nationalism, international understanding etc. a dynamic Social Science Club is functioning in MIIRPS. All the national days are celebrated with skit, songs, quiz etc. in which the members of Social Science Club take active participation. The SS club takes the initiative to conduct the School Cabinet Election. As a part of the curriculum, the club has:


A bubbling Drama Club exists in the premises of Mother India International Residential Public School. The idea behind the formation of the drama club is to inculcate love for literature especially plays. In this new scenario of life students are almost unaware of the plays written by great playwrights like William Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw, Mohammed Basheer etc. therefore to make the students aware of the same, a Drama Club is formed in the school. Drama club takes all the responsibility of the drama staged in the school. The drama club includes all the three languages i.e. Dept. of English, Dept. of Hindi and the Dept. of Malayalam. Around 100 students are the members of the Drama club. Renowned plays like Shakespeare's "The Tempest", "Merchant of Venice", J.B. Prestly's Mother's Day, Mohammed Basheer's "Pathummayude Aadu", Mohan Rakesh's Aashad ka Ek Dhin, one act plays etc are staged with the efforts of teachers and students. The drama club is divided into different sections. Editor's forum, pre-production and post-production department, make-up department, event management, props committee etc. Drama club, formed under the expertise of language teachers, acknowledge the blooming talent and strive hard to bring forth the hidden literary and acting skills in students to make them the stars of tomorrow.