Lab provides an opportunity to students to understand by experiments, produce their creativity and verify the equipments and learn through practice.




The laboratory has been given a central and distinctive role in Science education and Science educators have suggested that there are rich benefits in learning from using laboratory activities. Mother India is equipped with spacious, airy and full fledged lab for conducting physical experiments. It can accommodate forty tudents at a time with all the equipments needed for the experiments. Our lab includes some more sophisticated equipment such as moving coil galvanometer, travelling microscopes, resonance columns, sonometers, potentiometers, spectrometer etc which helps to conduct all the lab experiments prescribed in the curriculum. The curriculum of the theoretical classes of Physics is attained after the practical lesson in the lab, which enhances interest with concrete knowledge of the subject. Lab is also acilitated with smart class that acts as a helping hand for children. Through smart class facility children are provided an opportunity to view the experiments.



Mother India International Residential Public School has a spacious, well ventilated and airy Biology Lab. It facilitates the accommodation of thirty students at a time in a practical period where experiments are conducted under the able guidance of faculty. The lab is well equipped with sufficient plants and animals specimens, models of cells, organs, organ systems, essential charts and pictures that details biological aspects, human skeleton etc. The experimental facilities like glass apparatus, microscopes in addition to a neatly planned and maintained room adds to the efficiency of the lab. The lab also is aided with the advanced smart class that makes up a future-ready school. Thus, the students are fortunate to have such 2 good Biology lab which proves to be the best classroom for their lessons.



In mother India International Residential Public School Mathematics Laboratory started functioning from July 2008. It is equipped with 7 computers and it has a seating capacity of 35 students. The main aim of Mathematics Laboratory is to initiate children to enjoy Mathematics, to understand the basic structure of Mathematics; it also enables the students to understand Mathematical concepts through activities and experimentation. It helps the students to learn Mathematics with the help of concrete objects and also helps them to verify or discover some geometric properties using models and measurements. It provides opportunity for students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. It helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject. It provides scope for greater involvement of both the mind and the hand which facilitates cognition. It enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete object, models, charts, pictures, posters etc.



Well furnished and well stocked library and reading room. During the library periods students can take books and return them within specified time. Librarian gives instructions, helps children to clear doubts and prepare library notes.


Vegetarian and non vegetarian food is served in the canteen. Always supervised by the authority to be hygienic. Students should get a coupon and meals are served for them by the canteen people.



During the admission time and before the academic year parents are asked to give application for bus facility. Drivers and attendees are also given the duty to maintain discipline and good behavior in the bus.

Requests are sanctioned only for one month (minimum) for changing the boarding points and applications must be given in advance.

Teacher’s visiting Time

Monday to Friday – 3. 00 pm to 4.00 pm

Principal’s visiting Time

Monday to Friday – 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm