Children are like diamonds. Diamond shines when it is cut and polished. The very essence of education is to identify the clean cut and polish them to their full potential. Education is an effective tool in shaping a nation. To judge a nation as developed, one of the important indices is education.

We believe in holistic approach to education. This should prepare learners to face new challenges in their future. From Vedic system of education where Guru as the centre of education to the modern system of education, we have marched a long path witnessing tremendous metamorphosis. Gone are the days of chalk and blackboard. Interactive white boards and smart classes have taken the place of traditional black boards. The greatest innovation in the field of education is CCE scheme by CBSE that has brought about vast changes in the field itself. Now teacher acts as a facilitator guide and friend where the teacher centric process gives way to the learner centric activity. Moral instruction is also a part of education because ultimately morality measures the life of a person in society.

Talking into consideration of these matters let us hope for a better tomorrow and a better next generation. May God bless us to come our dreams true.